Story Starter .Club is a collaborative storytelling experience for people of all ages. 

The .Club evolved out of a 15-minute presentation on descriptive writing for a group of 3rd graders. One of those life changing teachers that we all hold dear invited an aspiring writer to speak to her class.

Rebecca King walked into the school that day with the hope of encouraging a child or two. She walked out feeling inspired herself. The characters those kids described were thoughtful, funny and some of them a little scary. They deserved a chance to star in their own stories.

Still, it took months to develop the concept of Story Starter .Club.

From the beginning, Rebecca wanted this .Club to bring storytellers together in a way that was exciting for all ages, just like that experience in the classroom.


It needed to be a space for beginning storytellers to weave their tales with experienced storytellers and stand as equally important to the process. It needed to be about all the reasons we love creating story so that all the worries about how to create story wouldn’t get a chance to take root. It needed to be thought provoking, but easy and fun.

Fun. Fun and games.


That was it. That became our thing here at the .Club. We play improv games to show story development in action.

Speaking of games… if you took the time to read our story, you deserve a prize. There’s another story hidden here for you to find. Welcome to the .Club, our door is always open!

Keep your pencils sharp, your paper close and story on my Story Starter friends.

Schools and Libraries

Considering a visit from the Story Starter .Club? You can reach us by emailing friends@storystarter.club.


Are you ready to improv? You can reach us by emailing friends@storystarter.club. Aspiring writers and working writers are welcome to apply.